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Social Networking Sites 2016 also best social media sites

Social networking sites 2016 or best social media sites collection you might be searching, There many free in the world. First of all everyone will have a doubt that what is meant by Social Networking Sites,

These type websites are the web based applications which are allowed the individuals to create a public profile, create a list of all the users with whom to share connections and also cross the connections within the system.

Social media sites 2016

This Social Networking sites are creating a new trend in the world. Each and every person around the world can be in contact with friends, colleagues and relatives. This is a platform to build social relations among the people those who share all their recent activities, feelings, interest and back grounds.

This site consists of a representation of each user those who have their own profile. His or her social links and a variety of additional services like other career activities. This sites help to share a video, images and blogging also. After observing and analysis on hundreds of social networking sites, here is the list of some of the best and top rated social networking sites around the countries. In this article we are trying to share all about top social media sites, new social media sites 2016 and also list of most popular social media site.

Social Networking Sites 2016 also best social media sites

1. Facebook

Facebook is an online social networking service with the headquarters in the Menlo Park which is located in Califonia. Facebook was launched on 4th February 2004. The founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg along with his friends Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughes.

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Social Networking Sites 2016 Facebiik

Advantages of Facebook

1. Sharing of Information: This websites allows the users to share the information with others what a person would like to share, ask a question, ask the public opinion, sharing pictures and videos etc. People can share how much information they want to share and with whom they want to share.

2. Chatting: It helps the people to chat with friends, colleagues, and relatives all around the world. It provides a simple and small chatting application in which it helps to chat. Many people like students chat in the groups and while some other for the business purpose.

3. Entertainment: Facebook provides tons of application for gaming and other also. Some people use this Facebook for gaming purpose only. Facebook ads allow the users to target people of specifying their age, geographical location, interest etc.

4. Business Promotions: Facebook ads help in the customizable ads in the placement service which is also very easy to use and cost effective. It is free of cost which is very easy to share the feelings.

Facebook has around 1,100,000,000 estimated users and visitors in every month. Compete rank of Facebook is 3 and the Quant cast rank is 3.


2. Twitter

This networking site is simplest of all the social media platforms. This site happens to be one of the most fun and interesting application. Messages are limited to 140 characters or less only. These 140 characters are much enough to post a link, share thoughts and to share images. The interface of twitter is easy to learn, to use and also easy to setting up a new profile. Twitter takes just a few minutes to set up a profile.

Day by day it is becoming one of the most talked about the social networking service provider. When a person has a twitter account he or she may post and receive messages to a network of contacts. People can build a network of contacts and can also invite other people to receive your tweets.

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Social Networking Sites 2016 twitter

Advantages of Twitter

1. It allows communicating directly with your target person instantly.

2. It allows a person to network efficiently with a large group of people.

3. Internet marketing can be done with free of cost.

Twitter has around 310,000,000 estimated users and visitors in every month. Compete rank of Twitter is 21 and the Quant cast rank is 8.


3. LinkedIn

Linked is one of the best online social networks for all the business professionals. This Social Networking Site is mainly preferred for the professionals to help the people to find their career job, discover the sales lead and also to connect the potential business partners. Like other social networking sites,

LinkedIn does not focus on making friends and sharing the media like photos, music, and videos. To start using this site, everyone needs to register and create a profile page. To register in this account, you need to provide all the personal information and you can also update your profile with all your educational qualifications and job details in the summary.

Advantages of LinkedIn

1. Get Connected: It has very decent search feature that helps the people to find their best career job in the industry. It is the website which is much focused on professionals and businesses. It also works for a company that can network effectively with prospective client organizations

2. Build trust of your brand: LinkedIn is for block full of groups that are devoted to specific professional topics only. It will join the ones that are relevant to the people. If once you are a group member then you can become an active participant in discussions that help to you and your company gains much recognition as an authority in the field.

3. Gather Feedback: This is the best place to ask for the feedback from those people whose ideas and opinions you trust more. Asking for more input can be a great way to identify the potential of the customers and also to make current customers feel valued.

LinkedIn has around 255,000,000 estimated users and visitors in every month. Compete rank of Twitter is 25 and the Quant cast rank is 19.


Google Plus

Google Plus or Google + which is one of the best social networking sites. This site has experienced strong and growth in its initial years only. The usage of statistics has been varied which are depending on how the service is being defined. Three Google executives have overseen the product in which site has undergone substantial changes leading to a redesign in the month of November 2015.

Advantages of Google Plus or Google +

1. Share Content: People can share content that you can find a valuable one. Each and Every article that you share creates a bank link to your website. With this Google plus, People can share on their social media network which gets your content indexed almost immediately. It helps in sharing information, like something funny video, sharing is caring for your Google+ network.

2. Business Secret: Encourage all your employees or co-workers that they create their own Google+ profiles if the person doesn’t already have a profile. People can help you in just a couple of minutes to post links to your websites on their Google+ profiles. People can share the posts from your page and even more than +1 post. It is easy and yet powerful way to quickly and legally gain social signals for a new page of the site.

Google Plus has around 120,000,000 estimated users and visitors in every month. Compete rank of Twitter is 32 and the Quant cast rank is 28.



Pinterest is the web and mobile application company in which it operates a huge photo sharing website. To use this social networking sites, a person need to register in this site. It was founded by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra.

This site is managed by Cold Brew Labs. This is funded by a small group of entrepreneurs and investors. The CEO of the Pinterest site, Ben Silbermann has summarized that the company as a “catalog of ideas,” rather than as a social network site. This site inspires the users to “go out and do that thing”.

Advantages of Pinterest

Focused Functionality: This site has been developed than that of initially Google search and Twitter to the forefront of their respective fields.

Equality: This state that the community is an important and individual user. This is a major social network opportunity for the users.

Pinterest has around 250,000,000 estimated users and visitors in every month. Compete rank of Twitter is 25and the Quant cast rank is 9.



Instagram is an online mobile video sharing, photo sharing, and social networking site that enables all the users to take pictures and videos and also to share them on a variety of social networking platforms such as Twitter,

Tumblr Facebook and Flickr. People of the ration 4:3 are using this site by mobile device cameras. In the month of August 2015, a new version 7.5 was released in which it allows the users to post photos captured in any of the aspect ratios. Users also can also apply digital filters to their images. The maximum duration for Instagram videos is just 15 seconds.

Advantages of Instagram

It is the first photo sharing app in the mobile device.

Update people on their latest interests: People can timely share their photo updates about their business. People can share their latest activities or events that are happening in their own business like huge sales (where you can take shots of particular products with great discounts), Instagram Contests and new collections.

Market your Products or services in a creative Way: the Instagram site has lots of advantages in which one of them is the way it displays the photos or the way it appears on the screen. With all the given filters and editing options, People can be as much creative. People can add their style to photos. This will increase the attention of all the users to take the photo on Instagram network site only. People can see how creative this Instagram can be and you might just gain the positive comments from all the users.

Instagram has around 100,000,000 estimated users and visitors in every month. Compete rank of Twitter is 49 and the Quant cast rank is 145.



Tumblr is a stylish application. It is a microblogging platform and social networking website which is founded by David Karp and also owned by Yahoo. This service allows all the users to post multimedia and other content from a short form blog.

Users can follow the other user’s blogs as well as they can make their blogs private also. Much of this website’s features are the way in from the “dashboard” interface only. Users can also be able to set up a schedule to delay the posts that they make. People can spread their posts over several hours or even days. This service itself makes it easy to share your all your favorite content.

Advantages of Tumblr

1. Finding and Sharing Great Content: Tumblr makes tracks from the most other social media website channels because it focuses more on sharing content only around the specific topics than sharing the everyday thoughts and opinions of a particular user.

2. Multitude to Mobile Support: Another advantage of this Tumblr is the ability which gives the people to upload all the posts through a variety of means like emails, text messages and even through phone calls. It provides the people with a unique email address; you can update your blog. If you want to provide just an audio post, by sending an email or a text message to this email address.

Tumblr has around 110,000,000 estimated users and visitors in every month. Compete rank of Twitter is 55 and the Quant cast rank is 133.



VK means originally Vkontakte. It is the largest European social networking site that is based in St Petersburg. It is now available in all the several languages but it is especially most popular among the Russian-speaking users. Like other social networking sites, all the VK users allows users to message each other publicly or the privately which is to create groups, events, public pages, audio and video, share and tag images and to play browser-based games.

Advantages of VK

Messages: VK Messages will help to send messages between the groups of 1 to 30 people. The email address can also be specified as the recipient. Each message can have 10 attachments like Photos, Audio Files, Videos, Maps and the Documents.

Privacy: Users can control the availability within the network only. It maintains more secure to the site.

VK has around 80,000,000 estimated users and visitors in every month. Compete rank of Twitter is 150 and the Quant cast rank is 120.


All these are top rated and most used social networking sites by the people. It helps in wide connectivity among the people. The common interest will be increased. It helps in the Real-time sharing information.

Information can be shared in the worldwide. People can also have the face to face connection or interaction. Social networking sites could be advantageous for the people career. This professional networking website allows users to request the introductions to the business people who are known to their contacts which are well known.

The potential of this improved connectivity is large whereas once you would be left separate through business cards after a networking event and trying to remember the complete details about each person. People can now easily look up all the connection’s qualifications and the business interests on their social media profile.

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