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Free Proxy List 2016 Here are best Server which Most Using

Free Proxy List 2016 and also most using proxy server list ever today you will get in this article. A Proxy server is a computer which serves as a hub through which internet service requests are processed. By connecting via these servers, your computer sends your requests to the proxy server, which then processes your request and returns what you are need.

Proxies can be used to hide your home IP address from the world, and this is used to access blocked sites, to speed up your browsing, By connecting to the internet through proxies, the home IP address of your computer server will not be shown but rather the IP of the proxy server will be shown. This can provide you with more security than if you were simply connecting directly to the internet server. There are the numbers of proxies that can provide you with a service.

Free Proxy List

Free Proxy Server List

You can simply use proxy servers, most are working on same method, means if you want browse a site than just open any proxy server and paste your URL which you desired to see and done no need any extra configure.

Proxy sites or a server that create an intermediate band between user and the desired site generally it is their own proxy server. The proxy sites they are providing can be free or premiu m. For using a proxy sites, User needs to visit the proxy server website. Then go to address bar of that website and type the URL of your desired websites that you need to access. You will be given access to that website from the proxy server.

 Free Proxy server list

Free Proxy List 2016 Here is best Server which Most Using

Here we have collected most popular proxy sites list 2016. However for being insecure first check the authenticity of the sites then use them. I have collected a good safe server lists, bookmark this sites list for future reference. There are many sites available for free and they are working fine, as here we are giving all top sites list 2016.



It is a best free and also very faster proxy server. This is a safe and secure site. Some of the companies and schools block some of the websites where user can’t access the sites. You can browse your favorite site without giving IP.

Access easily desired sites that are blocked and browse them in your device in any country.

ZenMate YouTube Proxy Site


ZenMate proxy site is for free and it is one of the fast sites. Using ZenMate is so easy and it installs simply into your browser and it will hide your IP address and protect your internet access being blocked by using your location.

Just install the plug-in of ZenMate site and browse your unblocked site and many other site at educational institutes or in a company. It is an awesome solution for everyone who need of unblocking the YouTube. ZenMate is install create a tunnel for your browsing data, which restrict someone to looking into your data.



Freeopenproxy is a proxy server that allows you to browse your desired blocked or hides websites by using their proxy server. It is free and this server works fast.

Freeopenproxy server is a conventional site to remove your irritation given by blocking or hiding of your favorite sites. If you are extremely needed to unhide or unblock your desired sites you can use this proxy server.

IP switcher


Ipswitcher allows you to change your IP address. Your internet address is a type of postal address on the internet it’s handed out to you from ISP and is used to know other devices around the world.

Getting started is so simple, just enter the URL of your site you wish to access and press “GO” this site will begin unblocking your desire sites instantly giving you complete security and unrestricted access around the web.



Dolopo gives full access to proxy site with the best link encryption algorithms. You will be very secure and safe using this server. All the web site addresses you browse through this web will be encrypted. So that any one can’t see what sites you are visiting.

The encryption feature will work in your school or in your Company. Everyone in the world can unblock any sites without any issues by using Dolopo server.






UnblockMyWeb is a free proxy server designed for browsing blocking and restricted sites. You may access all of your favorite sites on the internet. If the internet connection that you are using blocks and hides certain sites, this server will allow you to browse those sites.

So whether you want to watch your favorite YouTube videos or even check your emails, this proxy server is going to allow the sites for you.



RapidProxy is the fastest American proxy server. Here you can unblock any site that is presently blocked on your internet network. With fast SSD proxy servers scattered around the USA rapid Proxy will allow you to access to your favorite online data faster than ever before.

This Rapidproxy service extremely quick but it’s also fully private. This site has no logging enabled and you don’t interact with any third parties approaching you. They just provide complete security to its users.



Awebproxy is so fast, safe and secure. If you want to unblock your blocked sites, then you need to block your IP address. This free web proxy server Awebproxy will unblock to access your desire web site.

Start browsing your favorite websites, which are blocked in your internet server, you just type your web URL in the search bar. By now you will get free and full access to your blocked website.



QuickProxy has been designed purely to keep you hidden and secure on the internet. This server is hosted on a Dual Hexa Core Dedicated Server, which is what makes QuickProxy quick and famous. There will not be any delays unlike many other proxy servers.

QuickProxy is the one of the top web proxy unblocking sites for thousands ofpeople. Thanks for read about Free Proxy List.

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