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Fast Working Top Torrent Sites For Best Torrenting 2016

Top torrent sites 2016 and also top torrenting sites collection you might be searching, free torrent sites for movies, gaming, mp3 song, new games all most using. Torrent is the reliable way for downloading or sharing a large amount of data or files over the internet.

It is also called as a web based peer to peer file sharing technique which gives large files with high quality to download. Torrent is one of the best ways over the internet for downloading different kinds of files that you want. Though it is an old method people till today are addicted to the top torrent websites that are available online or web because of their efficiency.

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Best Torrenting 2016

Best Torrenting 2016

In Torrent sites, you can find many things like songs, movies, audio files, books, software’s and lots more stuff that users require. One of the best things about the torrent sites is most of the sites will work very fast in downloading the files and most of them are available for free without any cost.

Day by day the popularity of the torrent sites is increasing and in fact, it is measured by the 33 percent of the total internet bandwidth used by these sites itself for downloading the torrent files.

Fast Working Top Torrent Sites For Best Torrenting 2016

In this digital world, there are thousands and thousands of torrent sites present on the web but all may not give you best torrent experience and some may work slowly. But, in this speed internet world people doesn’t require the inefficient and slow working sites for downloading the torrent files and in fact people are looking for the work to be done in minutes.

Though we have high speed internet if the site is working slow in downloading the files it will irritate us. So, it is important for the people to find the best as well as fast working torrent websites for best torrenting experience. To help you out, we have come up with few such top websites that work fast and best for torrenting and below is the list of those top sites. So, users can have a look at them once and make use of those websites for torrenting.

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 Top Torrent Sites

Top Torrent Sites

Though there are thousands of websites that are available for torrent only a few among them are top sites that are efficient. So, have a look at those top torrent sites available on the web.

KickAss Torrents : KickAss Torrents site is one of the most popular and famous suppliers of the newest torrent files for the users. The website contains many torrent files such as movies, music, games, TV shows, anime, apps, and books.

Though the site is old it always stands in the one of the best torrent sites and in the top of the list for downloading best torrent files. KickAss is the latest name, but at first it is used to be called as This website has good recognition and reputation as a torrent site in the world. So, we would recommend you this website as top site for downloading torrent files.

The Pirate Bay This stands next to the KickAss torrents and top in the list of best top torrent sites in this year. This website was started in mid-September 2003, for the purpose of sharing files among their co-workers.

This site has the largest directory for Computer Software’s, Games, Movies, Music, TV Shows and lots of more stuff. It is known to be as piracy king and it is also SSL encrypted for stopping the spam attacks. This is a great website especially for downloading Mac software and other stuff too. This is one of the oldest as well as most reliable torrent websites that we recommend you.

Torrentz : Unlike other torrent sites, this site will serve as the BitTorrent meta-search engine and has lived for many years. Actually this torrent site doesn’t host any torrent files but this will just redirects the people to the content page from where you will be able to download the files.

This site will work under various domains they and .in which are very popular. It performs same as that of the Google! Search engine. You just need to search and it will give you related files with Size, No of downloads, Uploaded date, No Peers and Leechers details. I

Top Torrenting Sites

Limetorrents This is one of the top torrenting sites which stand top in the list of best top torrenting sites this year. It is a one of the great platform for download Movies, Animes, TV shows, Music as well as Videos for free and quickly too. This is also one of the oldest torrent sites but this site has got popularity since past two years.

BitSnoop : Bitsnoop is also one of the top torrenting websites which is to be remembered in this list as the directory has millions of torrent files in it. Best part that is to be talks about this site is, it works for removing Trojans and virus from the files and provide the users with rich torrent files. It too bans the spam users those who upload the virus and Trojans in the form of torrent files. So, it is most recommended site for the users.

Extra Torrent : Extra Torrent is the best website known for hosting the latest content very early. In this website you can find movies, music, TV shows, and lot more. Extra Torrent is known to gain more traffic in the recent years and it has become one of the most active among the torrent sites. The website is also the place for the popular ETTV and ETRG release groups.

Free Torrent Sites for Movies

YIFY-Torrents : YTS is one of the safe and most popular torrent sites that users can use from across the world. With the help of this website, you can use it for browsing as well as downloading 3D quality, 1080 DVD, 720 movies files.

This site also provides many other services that users require from the web. It too had very cool features with its huge database and virus free movies. This is one of the most recommended free websites for downloading movies.

IsoHunt Isohunt is KickAss torrent proxy which has a large number of movies in a variety of genres. There is an option for you to upload, share as well as download torrents from this torrent site.

This site came into existence in the year 2003, after the original site was taken legally from the MPAA. This torrent site is the most popular BitTorrent search engines which have millions of unique visitors. You can use this site for watching free movies such as Hollywood movies, HD videos, DVD files online.

Sumotorrent : It is a one of the most famous and free torrent site where the users of this site add thousands and thousands of torrent files every day to its database. This site has more than 5,295,683 torrents. It helps you to the find the most popular titles that are trending at a particular minute or moment.

 Torrent files provided in this site include the Movies, TV series, music, anime, games, applications and miscellaneous torrents. Though it is a new site it stands in the list of free and best torrent sites for downloading movies.

Bittorrent Torrent Sites

TorrentHound Torrent Hound is one of the best torrent site which bounds to be part of any torrent search that users will perform. This site has a good Global Traffic Rank that can be added up on for all the average torrenting needs.

This website has been in the web since a long time and it is absolutely trustworthy. It has good user-interface with a detailed and smooth approach for downloading the files. Make sure to try this site for downloading the torrent files that you want.

Rarbg : This is the relatively new as well as upcoming torrent site. But, it has some strong community recommendations that are flowing towards for it. The strength of this Rarbg site seems to give the strong P2P experience and in which many new sites lack.

Private Torrent Sites

PassThePopcorn : PTP has been into the web quite a while, it stands today as one of the best private torrent site in the online especially for movies. High-quality links are added to which are very fast to download then you can’t find anywhere on the net, and it stands generally in the top notch.

This website has thousands of active users from across the world. This website has got more than 53,000 single movies, over 80,000 subtitles, 3.5 million total snatches, 533,000+ user ratings, and a seeder ratio of 85.49. The site is very smooth as well as easy to navigate too.

TvTorrents : TvTorrents is the upcoming sites of this list of private torrent sites. It is much different from PTP. This site doesn’t run on Project Gazelle, which is the tracker software that What.CD made famous. The credits system and invitation is completely different. This website is absolutely in the top of its class of websites. Few times the shows are uploaded as for a short time of 15 minutes after their live airing. They have even places on their website which will show you the recently aired episodes of the most famous TV series.

Music Torrent Sites

SpeedPeer : SpeedPeer is the site which is not only on the top of torrent download sites but it is also the best torrent search engine. In the Home Page of this site, you can check out best torrent downloads for movies, music torrents, and TV Shows torrents.

You can even search for your favorite torrent file that you want through the search bar that is present at the top of the site.

TorrentFunk : TorrentFunk is one of best as well as top torrent sites which have verified files for downloading. The files that are provided here are trusted by downloader’s. They too are virus and malware free files which doesn’t cause any damage to your devices. It is most recommended site that you need to give it a try. This is one of the famous sites which have the Global Rank of 7K (As per the Alexa). The home page has various categories where you can find torrents in those sections divided in categories such as Top 10 Music Torrents, Top 10 Anime Torrents, Top 10 Software Torrents, Top 10 E book torrents etc.

Torrent Sites for Mac

Transmission : This is one of the fast, easy as well as free BitTorrent sites through which you can download the Mac software. It has various categories in the home page and from the download section of the page, you can download various Mac software’s available in its gallery that you want. It is one of the recommended sites for the Mac software that you need to have a look at it and download them.

Torrentreactor : This is also one of the torrent sites which have various categories in it. You can download the torrents such as Anime, Games, Software, Movies, Music, Series and TV shows and lots more other stuff that you require from its gallery. This is the most popular and recommended sites for the Mac particularly as it have the huge number of visitors and good rank in world wide.

Working Torrent Sites

All the above-listed torrent sites are working sites and if you want few more have a look at the below-given list.

Monova : Monova is also one of the popular torrent site which gives the users free downloads. It is basically search engine for torrent from which you can search for your favorite torrent files you want. You can also use the Browse feature instead of using search feature and through which you can browse torrent files that are based on filters such as Latest, Books, Audio Games, Softwares, Photos and lots more like this.

Demonoid : Demonoid is one of the best torrent sites in this year for most of the people who like doing torrenting in free time. The reason for listing out this website here in this list is that it has the advanced features by which it avoids fake torrents. For most of the people who want to download malware and virus free files from torrent sites this is one of the best sites that we recommend you.

Software Torrent Sites

1337X : This is one of the best site through which torrent files are uploaded by users in to its database. Essentially, this site is based on torrent community in which people will share best torrent files that are available for free to download. Most of traffic for this site will come from UK and they like this site a lot for its features such as, quality, safe, verified and for its huge data base of files for software and other stuff.

Proxy sites List 2016

Torrent Box: Torrent box is one of the newly established sites but it stands in the top of the torrent sites this year. Here you can get the list of verified torrent site which are available for totally free. They are trojan or virus free files. In the navigation bar of this website, you will search for the various categories like Movies, Music, Games, Software’s, Books and lots of other stuff.

These are the various different categories of top torrent files that are working fast and which the users can many of these sources to download the torrent files for free. So, make use of the sources and download the stuff that you want.

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