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What is DNS server? Fix Google DNS server not responding IP Lookup

What is DNS server Domain Name System and How to Fix Google DNS server not responding in Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, safari, Internet explorer all with many other information about DNS Servers and Home Networking all information of DNS IP lookup you can get here. After share about Proxy Server Not Responding Error now we are talking about this. The employ of internet is quick flattering permission in the existence of about each individual and additional critical for those whose commerce hard work respite on the internet.

In such circumstances, if any working browser shows Server not establish for a definite site that you unlock, it is fairly probable for you to obtain irritable. The primary thing that you require to make sure here is whether other browsers are capable to release this website. If the relation is working somewhere else, this designates some difficulty in the working of service providers.

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Fix Google DNS server not responding

What are Google DNS servers?

Google has just freshly initiated their extremely own public DNS servers called “Google Public DNS”. The Google’s Domain Name servers are that they desire to create the internet earlier, safer, protected, and extra dependable for all internet users.

Lots more details will be approaching to very presently but in the interim for those who are a small more tech confidence you can acquire started using Google’s DNS servers directly away.

How to control to Open DNS or Google DNS to Speed up Web Browsing?

Your home internet service provider almost certainly doesn’t have the greatest Domain Name System servers, and that can time-consuming down you’re browsing, since your browser wants to appear up the IP address of each web site you attempt to sight. Here is how to knob to either Open Domain Name System or Google DNS for quicker browsing times. This should operate in Windows 7, 8, or 10 the similar way.

Switching to a Better DNS Provider

The initial things we require to do are right-click on the system status notification icon and decide to open the Network and Sharing Center from the context list of options.

Then clack on the Change adapter settings hyperlink on the left-hand face of the Network and Sharing Center.

Now right-click on the system adapter you desire to modify the DNS settings for and choose properties from the context menu.

When the properties for your network adapter open, you will require choosing Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) from the catalogue, and then clicking properties.

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What is DNS server

What is DNS Servers?

The Domain Name System is a decisive factor of technology for management public names of Web sites and other Internet area. Domain Name System technology permits you to kind names into your different Web service providers to your PC to routinely find that address on the Internet. A key part of the Domain Name System is a universal collection of DNS servers.

A DNS server runs special-purpose networking software, types a community IP address, and surrounds a database of network names and tackles for other Internet hosts.

DNS Root Servers

DNS servers converse with each other using private system protocols. All DNS servers are prearranged in a pecking order.

At the top level of the hierarchy, supposed root servers accumulate a whole database of Internet domain names and their matching IP addresses. The Internet utilizes thirteen root servers that have turn out to be rather well-known for their particular role. Maintained by different independent agencies, the providers are correctly named as A, B, C and so on up to M.

How DNS Works?

The DNS is a dispersed system, denotation that only the thirteen root servers hold the absolute database of names and addresses. All previous DNS servers are set up at lesser levels of the hierarchy and preserve only definite pieces of the generally database.

Lower level DNS servers are individual by businesses or Internet Service Providers (ISPs). For example, Google upholds different DNS servers around the world that supervise and preceding domains. Your ISP also upholds DNS servers as piece of your Internet relationship setup.

DNS Servers and Home Networking

Computers on your house system situate a DNS server through their Internet association setup possessions. Supplier offers their clienteles the public IP address (es) of prime and backup DNS servers. You can discover the present IP addresses of your DNS server arrangement via numerous methods:

· on the configuration screens of a house network router

· on the TCP/IP association properties screens in Windows Control Panel (if configured via that scheme)

· from ip config or alike command line service

Publicly obtainable Domain Name System tools can be used to look for for information connected to Internet domains. Professional system administrators use these similar essential tools on business networks.

What is a Google Public DNS IP address?

Google mortal Google, they have enormous scale, load-balancing, unemployment and DNS servers dispersed all over the world. They also hold up the newest technologies and safety methods like IPv6 Domain Name servers and DNSSEC. Their Domain Name System server is also well sheltered alongside DoS assaults and cache destroying attacks.

It’s value reminder that Google Public Domain Name System does not carry out any jamming or filtering on the Domain Name System needs, as a few of the previous forces do. They status that only beneath unexpected conditions would they chunk everything. For me, this is an excellent choice since I employ other tools to riddle out malware sites, etc and don’t unavoidably desire my DNS service to be concerned.

The major advantage for with Google is their worldwide information center and the detail that they have DNS servers situated around the world. Some other forces only have DNS servers positioned in one fraction of the world, so the recital will undergo significantly.

The major drawback to using Google is that they are all about following and classification the lot anybody does on the Internet and this is no exemption. If you are doubtful of Google having too much information, I would propose using a dissimilar DNS server.

Google Public DNS IPv4 Addresses:



Google Public DNS IPv6 Addresses:

o 2001:4860:4860:: 8888

o 2001:4860:4860:: 8844

Reasons for attainment DNS Server Not Responding Error

* The server which mass the website may be provisionally down due to technological reasons

* The DNS overhaul in your computer is contaminated or not operational

* The security firewall or safety software itself may have inadvertently blocked-up your PC from converse with a website or definite websites

Google DNS Server Not Responding – How to Fix It?

Are you consecutively into DNS errors when you attempt to load a website or attach to your system? The Domain Name Server is a server that interprets website’s addresses so that your browser can attach to them.

Infrequently, you can misplace association to the server, through moreover crooked settings or troubles on the server’s end. If you are having problems connecting, see Step one below to study how to troubleshoot your troubles.

How to fix a DNS Server Not Responding Error Normally

Try the steps in the subsequent command

* Press Windows Key + R to release Run window. Inside Run window, type cmd (choose the single with manager freedom)

* netsh int ip reset c:resetlog.txt This is going to rearrange ip

* netsh winsock reset. This order is used to reorganize winsock. Although reorganize winsock is not connected to this mistake, it may aid in deception other troubles which can guide to this mistake. Once the demand is execute, it will make a punctual to resume. Do not resume at the present. This will assist rearrange winsock settings.

* ipconfig /flushdns This order assist in blushing the amass Domain Name System cache.

* Restart computer and make sure if the subject is fixed.

Try this stage if you still have the same problem.

* Does a power sequence of modem and computer?

* Turn off your computer and then turn off the modem and router (if there). Keep it twisted off for 5mts. The power is turned off for 5mts to make certain the power is exhausted out entirely and make sure proper reset of settings.

* Now revolve it on and make sure if the difficulty is set.

* If the question is still not set, try the steps below.

* Press Windows Key + R. In the run window, type ncpa.cpl. This will release network links

* Right clack home region association, then click possessions. (If it is wireless association, right clack on Wireless Network association)

* decide Internet protocol report(TCP/IPv4), then tick properties

* choose internet protocol ,want “make utilize of the following DNS server address”

* modify DNS server address to worldwide DNS worth given below

· favoured

· alternating (You can also use Google’s DNS address favoured and alternate

Make sure if problem is fixed. Changing the Preferred and Alternate error regularly fix most of the cases. If any cases the problem is not fixed by using the above steps you can use the below steps.

View your association

o Bond one more device to the system. Before you start trying to resolve the subject, it will assist to be familiar with where the problem is happening. You can contract down the difficulty by checking a small number of rapid tests. Attach another machine to your router, either wired or wirelessly.

o Try to admission a webpage from the second device. If you are still receipt DNS mistakes, then the difficulty lies in your router or with your ISP. If you can attach to the website, then the difficulty is coming from the primary computer.

o Power cycles your modem and router. Unplug your modem’s power wire as well as your router’s power line. Permit them to assemble unpowered for at slightest thirty seconds so that any remaining charge is unconfined and the memory is unoccupied. Reconnect your modem, and stay for it to completely join. After it has powered on wholly, reconnect the power wire to your router and permit it to boot up. This could take up to a miniature

o If you’re with a mobile device you can go to >settings>mobile data and rearrange the arrangements.

Troubleshooting the PC

o Attempt a dissimilar browser. This is one of the quickest methods to check your Domain Name System relations. Download a dissimilar gratis browser such as Firefox or Chrome and effort to attach to the internet. If the subjects persevere, then the difficulty is likely not with the browser, but with some other position on the PC.

o Immobilize any additional associations. Sporadically, Windows will put in additional connections that you won’t frequently use.

o Blush your Domain Name System. Sometimes your Domain Name System cache obtains obsolete and wants to be physically blushing.

o Change your DNS server. You can physically go into an option DNS server to effort to attach to as an alternative. To do so, release the “ncpa.cpl” window again and will only pack the necessary files for Windows.

o Try concerning in secure Mode. Rebooting your computer into secure Mode

How to fix DNS server problem on Google Chrome?

Option 1: modify to Public DNS

Altering the DNS servers in your system settings is the directly forward way of deception this problem. You can employ any of the public DNS servers obtainable in the net. Since your whole internet performance will be routed through the DNS servers for determining domains, only employ known and dependable server address and keep away from using unidentified free server particulars for safety reasons.

Close all your Chrome browser windows and revive the browser. Now attempt chance your website which should open quickly without appearance any “determination host” message in the position bar.

Option 2 – Clearing Domain Name System Cache of Google Chrome

Ø Go to the URL “chrome: //net-internals/#dns” in your Chrome browser.

Ø clack “simple host cache” switch in “Host resolver collection” segment

Ø Choose “Clear cache” selection from the drop.

Ø Go to URL “chrome: //flags/”.

Ø Press Ctrl+F in Windows or Command + F in Mac and look for for “asynchronous”

Ø Select “Disable” from drop.

Ø Clack on “Relaunch Now” knob for your modify to take consequence.

How to fix dns server not responding Mozilla Firefox?

1. Check Firefox Connection Settings

· Release the Firefox browser; from the list of options choose Edit -> favourite option.

· Now choose superior alternative from the left set of choices and then decide the Network tab.

· In the association segment, decide the Settings…

· In the fresh association settings popup window, you will obtain alternatives for setting up the proxy particulars. Make sure ‘No Proxy’ in box if you don’t necessitate a proxy to right of entry the Internet. Otherwise, arrange the proxy information.

· After creation all the proxy changes, clack Ok to close up the ‘Connection Settings’ window.

2. Immobilize Domain Name System pre fetching

3. Immobilize IPv6

4. Full scan the system

How to fix dns server not responding Internet explorer?

Ø Clack on Computer icon on the method tray – >Open Network and Sharing Center

Ø Right clack Local Area association – >Properties

Ø Local Area Connection Properties window untie – >Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) – >Properties

Ø modify the Domain Name System address in employ the following DNS Server addresses

Ø Open Command Prompt and form ip arrangement

Ø Carry on to kind ncpa.cpl in Command Prompt, open Network Connections, right-click Properties – >Configure.

Ø Choose Advanced – >Network Address in Property.

How to fix DNS server not responding Opera mini and Safari?

1. attempt a dissimilar Domain Name System Service

The reason of annoying a diverse DNS service is to regulation out any problems with the Domain Name System service use by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Two of the major Domain Name System service providers are Open Domain Name System and Google DNS. Otherwise, you can look for the internet for third bash DNS services for more alternatives.

2. Disable Domain Name System Perfecting

If the issue of slow, or non-loading, webpages persists, the next step is to disable DNS perfecting using a command in terminal.

3. Check Your Router

If disabling Domain Name System Perfecting, with the terminal command, has solved your issue, then the root cause of the problem may lie with your router.


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